Probate and Estate Litigation


Probate and Estate Litigation


Experienced Attorney Representation for Probate and Estate Litigation

Probate and estate litigation often arises when there are legal disputes among the beneficiaries over the important assets of a loved one, who is either incapacitated or who is deceased. Often, family members and close friends, who are the executors or beneficiaries of the estate, may try to contest the will or trust, if there is a disagreement concerning how the assets will be distributed.

In most cases, wills must go through probate, which can be an expensive and time consuming process when a loved one dies. If the deceased left a trust, it will be important that the executor follows the instructions regarding the administration of the trust assets. Furthermore, there may be contentious legal battles involving guardianships, conservatorships, powers of attorney, living wills or advance (health care) directives, joint bank accounts, gifts and other personal assets and property of the person who is no longer able to make sound decisions.

The Botti Law Firm, P.C., conveniently located in Oak Brook and in Wheaton, Illinois, represents clients in probate and estate litigation matters. We help individuals and families in need of strong and supportive legal guidance with probate and estate administration disputes. Whether you have probate and estate concerns in Illinois, or need out-of-state probate and estate representation, our experienced trial attorneys can effectively guide you through the process.

Compassionate Probate and Estate Litigation Attorneys

Our attorneys understand the difficult conflicts that sometimes occur between the heirs of an estate, especially when dealing with high-asset estates and validating the will through probate. We understand the frustrations involved and work to resolve any conflicts arising from family disputes, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We are experienced trial attorneys and can represent your case in state and federal court.

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