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The Botti Law Firm, P.C., located in Oak Brook and in Wheaton, comprises a team of highly skilled Illinois criminal defense attorneys, who are able to represent clients in state and federal courts, throughout the Chicagoland areas and in major cities across the United States. Our criminal defense litigation practice is designed to beat all criminal charges that are brought against you and to obtain a “not-guilty” verdict, thereby avoiding any criminal conviction.

Criminal charges on your record can have a significant impact on your livelihood. It could easily affect future employment opportunities, your credibility as a person, any housing opportunities, and it could also affect your basic civil rights, including the right to vote.

Skilled Defense Attorneys Who Understand the Criminal Justice System

Our criminal defense attorneys fight hard to keep our clients out of jail. We have handled complex litigation cases surrounding all types of criminal charges, including:

When you are charged or arrested for a crime, it is important to have a strong criminal defense team assembled without delay. Our attorneys conduct thorough investigations and work with specialists to preserve any evidence in your favor, as much as possible.

We know criminal law and our former background as Dupage County and Cook County felony prosecutors has given us an edge in the courtroom. Our criminal defense attorneys have handled grand jury trial proceedings, and we are more than equipped to handle criminal appeals in both state and federal cases as well.

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Contact the Botti Law Firm, P.C., located in Oak Brook and in Wheaton, to learn more about our strong criminal defense team of attorneys. We can help you avoid a criminal conviction and preserve your freedom. Call (630) 573-8585 to discuss your criminal matter privately.

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